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Hi Kuang Pung and team,

we have compiled 5 animations related to masterplanning here for your reference. Hope you enjoy the video.

*Please note that the video is not in the highest resolution by default. It would be great if you could adjust the setting to the highest resolution for the best experience.

Momo collaborated with a renowned developer and Benoy on a truly unique project: bringing a master plan for a new urban district to life through animation.

Tasked with capturing the essence of the master plan in just two minutes, Momo embarked on a creative journey. Her animation would be a vibrant tapestry of life and activity, woven with the threads of Benoy's architectural vision.

Bahrain Bay is a national strategic project with a well-known developer in Singapore.  A visionary project rising from the sea, tasked us with crafting a video to showcase its vibrancy. Infographics danced with stunning visuals, whispering the city's story of sustainability, thriving business, and warm people. This video was very well received and was featured in the news.

Located at the heart of Sentosa’s beaches, Central Beach Bazaar is a new attraction that offers a day-to-night carnival beach experience, featuring the return of iconic Sentosa Musical Fountain, which is augmented by the tallest fountain in Southeast Asia, the Sentosa SkyJet. Momo was honored to be part of this prestigious project with the Mt. Faber group.

Immerse yourself in a 3D animated flythrough of Brazil's World Cup stadium. Through camera angles and movement, we take viewers on a journey of architectural brilliance and let them feel the pulse of the vibrant atmosphere.

The team at Momo meticulously crafted every detail in 3D for this luxury resort. Our story board captures the opulence of the architecture and bring out the serenity of the surrounding.  The pace of the camera movements and transitions also reflects the ‘relaxed’ mood the developer wants to bring across.

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