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Hi Oi Peng

Thank you for inviting Momo Graphics Pte. Ltd. to participate in this prestigious project. As a Singapore-based company, we're honored for the opportunity and excited to work with IMDA.

To give you a better understanding of our capabilities, we've included a link to our portfolio. Additionally, you can find our company profile attached to this email for your reference.  We've also included a link to view it online for your convenience.

About Momo

Momo is a Singaporean studio with over a decade of experience guiding prestigious local and international companies like CapitaLand, National Art Gallery, Trump Organization, STB, Osim, Sentosa Development, and more, through successful tender processes. We're confident in delivering the same level of expertise and support to your project.

Our Strengths

Our team of architects and designers, with a strong architectural background, is adept at interpreting project requirements. We have a strong passion for crafting stunning visuals, evident in our extensive experience within the architectural field.

About this Project 

Thank you for sharing your vision for your animation storyboard. We're excited about this project, and our team has experience creating similar animations, like the one we developed for Mr. Chan Chuan Seng's presentation.

However, after careful review, we believe the proposed timeline might be a bit tight to achieve the level of detail you desire for the animation storyboarding with advanced character movement. We also want to offer an alternative solution for your consideration:

Cost Estimate

To provide an accurate cost estimate for your project, we need to evaluate the information you provided. A detailed description of the design intent, number of rooms, and desired level of complexity will help determine the project scope and cost. We'll expedite a detailed proposal once we have these details.

Project Timeline:

We understand your desired timeline, but after discussing it with our team, we feel a two-week timeframe would be more realistic for the project's complexity. Here's the revised breakdown:

Evaluation and Cost Proposal (1 day April 12th)

We'll review your project details and send a cost proposal within 1 business day

Design Development (1 week, April 15th - 19th):

We'll build a 3D model of your space based on your design intent. We'll provide feedback points throughout this stage for your input on textures, interior design, and fixtures. Draft renderings will be sent to you along the way for your approval.

Animation Path Development (1 week, estimated delivery April 20th–24th):

With the approved model, we'll develop the animation path based on the area you'd like to showcase. An animation draft will be provided for your feedback and approval.

Final Rendering and Delivery (estimated delivery April 25th–29th):

Upon confirmation of the animation path, we'll render the final, high-quality video and enhance it with post-production.

Alternative Option: Infographics Video

For a faster turnaround time, we can create an infographic video using our signature renderings with panning effects. This approach allows for concurrent modeling and post-production, potentially saving time.

We look forward to discussing your project further 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me

Many thanks

Momo Studio - Animation Path Sample
*Do take note of the interiors at 1min 37 seconds

Momo Studio - Animation Still Sample


Infographics - Panning of Renderings Sample

Hill Peak - Toyo Ito

It has been an honor to work with world-renowned architect Mr. Toyo Ito on this unique landscape theme-style development. This project has been a true creative collaboration, and we are thrilled with the final outcome. Mr. Ito's visionary design and commitment to sustainability have been instrumental in creating a truly special space.

We've included a section of Moodshot renderings of our past work
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