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Hello MCI team

Thank you for looking into our request, we have curated a page to showcase the references we referred to in the email. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us @

Have a wonderful day

Benoy Development

For a well-known local developer in Europe, we created a mixed-use development animation. This day-to-night animation brought the project to life, showcasing the vibrant mix of residential, commercial, and potentially even leisure spaces

Hill Peak - Toyo Ito

It has been an honor to work with world-renowned architect and creator of VivoCity, Mr. Toyo Ito on this unique landscape theme-style development. This project has been a true creative collaboration, and we are thrilled with the final outcome. Mr. Ito's visionary design and commitment to sustainability have been instrumental in creating a truly special space.

We've included a section of renderings of our past work

Hainan Hotel

We collaborated with Lujiazui China on a hotel development in Hainan, situated adjacent to a zoo. This project incorporates a lush landscape design with flowing water features. To capture the desired ambiance, we partnered with the client on a well-received animation currently showcased in the city center.

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